Reign of Owls

Solarin & Lunara
When Tim turned 6 his parents and a few friends thought it would be the best time to sacrifice him try and summon a demon, you know because demons like the number 6. Well they succeeded but the demon being what is was did not grant the wish of the summoners but the victim.
In his pain all Tim could think of was ending the pain and hurt the people who hurt him. The demon made a deal with Tim. For the knowledge to hurt others he would take an eye, and for the ability to hurt others he would take an arm. In a pain fueled cry Tim agreed. In one agonizing strike the demon tore off Tim's right arm, and in another removed Tim's right eye. Then amazingly the pain stopped. Though later Tim figured his body just temporarily turned off his ability to feel pain. With his mind no longer being tormented the knowledge given to him emerged. All light was extinguished with the exception of the candles. Tim took his time extinguishing each one as those who hurt him started "drowning" in the darkness he created. Once all the candles were out he transformed his one hand into claws and eviscerated all who were not dead including his own parents.
Since this happened in a cabin that was out of the way, probably since the adults didn't want to be caught, Tim had to find the road so he could get back to society. Luckily he found the road and a tourist found him. Once he was in the car Tim passed out, only to awaken in a hospital.
When questioned all he said was that his parents didn't want him so they dumped him in the wild. Though most were confused since his wounds while they looked old the doctors discovered they were made recently. After the police questioned Tim, they started an investigation, but surprisingly were unable to find either of Tim's parents or any of their closest friends. After a couple days, since Tim's wounds were healed he was released, but since no relatives wanted to take him in he went to an orphanage.
Tim was at the orphanage for about a year before he disappeared…
Racheal moved out of her parents house at 19, partly because she was going to collage and mostly because she was tired of listening to her parents fight. In collage Richael was pretty average in her studies, but excelled at gymnastics, and was a better then average singer. Her one bad habit was that she was a little to trusting of guys. In 2 years she had been with 5 guys all whom she either caught cheating on her or stealing from her.
Her last boyfriend took her out on her 21st birthday and invited all his friends. Then they proceed
to slip her a drug. She woke up naked and being violated in the back of a van under a bridge.
But as the guys were getting ready to switch again complete and utter darkness descended on all of them. This darkness was so complete it seemed to even muffle sound.
"Do you want them to pay" said a young male voice?
"Yes" she whimpered.
"I will make a deal with you then. Abandon all you know now and serve me. I will never require
you to this, unless you want. I will even help you achieve whatever your dream is. But in return you will be my shield, and help me achieve my dream. Do you agree, or should I leave?"
"Save me."
"Do you agree," he says in a impatient voice.
"Yes," she cried.
Then in the muffled darkness her assaulters screamed. When the darkness lifted, all of the men who were assaulting her were dead with horrendous wounds on them, and one boy was standing over them. Racheal only saw one arm and when he turned to her he had a patch over one eye.
"Lunara," he said blandly. "This is nice work you did," he smiles. "I think it is worthy of calling you the Witch of Darkness."
" name is Racheal." she stammers
"Not anymore. You are darkness, and I am the light. Solarin."
" old are you?"
"Makes sense" she chuckles, while shakily getting up and finding her clothes. Making sure to avoid the bodies.
"You will have to get use to this" as he goes through their pockets taking their money.
Solarin & Lunara in Gotham:
"You are good, "Witch of Darkness"" says a redhead with a weird accent, looking at Solarin.
Solarin & Lunara both turn quickly Solarin with blood dripping off his hands and Lunara recovering from the darkness. Solarin charges.
"Whoa, wait" easily dodging his strike, "I have a proposal for you two" she states.
"What" Solarin replies, circling the redhead
"I will help you two keep your facade, you won't need that," she says looking at Lunara who starts to pull her gun.
"You are starting to get the attention of powerful people. You need a haven or you will both die."
"And why should we trust you," Solarin spits.
"Because, I can help you get stronger" flashing her power briefly.
Eyes lighting up  "How," he says hungrily,
"Sol, be careful." Lunara says
Coughing, "we will see" he says trying to reclaim his composure.
"My name in Henley," the red head states. "Lets go. we have to get you two initiated."
"Can you keep us strait," Lunara asks? "I AM the Witch of Darkness"
"No not the darkness, not again," cowers Solarin
"Ohh… this will be fun" Henley says. "Just like a magic show." Smiling. "Yea, I can play along," bowing to Lunara "Oh Witch of Darkness."
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